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Whether you need storage because of an upcoming move, deployment, remodel, or just need more space in your home we're here to help you find the storage unit that fits your needs. Storing shouldn't be a difficult experience. Doing your research and choosing the right storage facility can not only make you rest assure that your valuables will be safe but will also save you stress and money! Whether you need storage for five days or five months. We will personally meet with you on site to assist you in your storage selections. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always ready to help. Below are some storage tips to help you with your storage experience.



Small expensive items like stereos, TVs, and electronics are a thieves prime target. It is best to place these items in the back of the unit in unmarked boxes. Then make getting to these items as difficult as you can by putting large pieces of furniture in front of these items.


For storing glass, china and other fragile items the use of Bubble wrap and plastic foam packing peanuts are excellent ways to protect these breakable items. Breakables can be packed with linens for extra protection and also special dish packing boxes can be purchased for added protection.


Dust forms in confined spaces like a storage units, dust can damage upholstered furniture and sensitive electronics. To reduce this problem, wrap electronics in paper and cover furniture with vinyl furniture covers.


Lay visqueen on the concrete floor to protect item from moisture and dirt coming up from concrete floor. Wooden pallets work well to keep stored items off the floor.


Keep an inventory list of all items stored, including brand names, model, product features, and serial numbers in case of theft or damage. Keep documents such as receipts, warranties and owner's manuals. Taking photos or videotaping of your stored goods is also a good idea. Keep your inventory list and proof of ownership materials in a safe place outside of the storage unit.


Another good tip is to purchase insurance designed for the unique needs of self-storage tenants.


Key Benefits of the Service

We offer a personal service and will meet with each individual to make sure we are offering the right storage requirement for your need.

  Prepare for a move or remodel
  Personal service
 Fully secure
  Access when you need it